5 Most Used Props in Hip-Hop Videos

Hip-Hop music videos are a representation of the artist’s extravagant and lavish lifestyle. An artist’s wealth is portrayed through the use of prop money, luxury cars, champagne, expensive jewelry, and guns. Prop money is the most used item in music videos!


 Luxury cars are a key element when adding life to music videos. With a luxury car, artists can perform creative and astounding stunts! This not only indicates that the artist is wealthy but also that they are interesting.

Luxury cars used in the production of hip-hop videos are usually from brands including Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other niche brands.

Most artists rent such cars as they cannot afford that many luxury cars. However, due to their music video, they appear wealthier than ever.

Hip-Hop videos that have used luxury cars as a main prop include Lil Dicky’s “$ave Dat Money”. In the music video, Lil Dicky convinces the owner of a car dealership to let him use the Lamborghini Aventador in his music video. Another memorable music video that included luxury cars is “Otis” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. The music video used a 2004 Maybach 57. The prop was later auctioned off as modern art.


To portray a powerful character, numerous artists include guns and weapons in their music videos. The goal is to wow the audience with their status.

Most artists use glorify guns in their music videos which has raised a lot of controversies. However, there are artists out there who use guns to simply tell a story.

A song that used guns during the music video production is “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift. The video included all sorts of weapons and truly showcased power. The guns were essential to the creation of a shocking music video. Another music video that heavily relied on guns is the song “Shotta Flow 2” by NLE Choppa. The music video revolved around numerous types of guns ranging from pistols to rifles.

Prop Money

Fake money is the most used prop in Hip-Hop videos, because it’s easily accessible and relatively cheap. It comes in the form of stacks and bands. An artist may choose to buy any amount of fake money ranging from $1000 to over $1000000! Find out more about prop money here.

The money can’t be identified as fake on camera, allowing artists to flaunt their lavish lifestyle easily. The audience is shocked by the amount of money to the extent of assuming the artist is filthy rich.

Music videos that incorporated fake money in production include the song “Make it Rain” by Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne. In the video, the singers are showered with money, wearing chains, and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. The prop was essential for the video. Another famous Hip-Hop video that included prop money is “Straight to the Bank” by 50-Cent. The music video showcases the artist counting a pile of cash casually, indicating that he’s wealthy.


Chains, watches, and teeth grills! All of these expensive items became extremely important for the production of an impressive music video. They indicate that the artist is rich and stylish.

There are many prop diamonds, chains, and gold bars available for music video production from a wide range of companies.

An unforgettable music video that used prop jewelry in a shocking manner is the video for “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. In the video, the artist is sitting in a bathtub filled with luxurious diamonds! Can you imagine? This takes lavish lifestyle to a whole new level as it represents shocking wealth.


Many artists use champagne in their Hip-Hop videos to show that they are partying and living the time of their life. Expensive champagne is especially used to represent their wealth. The most famous champagne brands used in music video production are Dom Perignon, Crystal, and Moët & Chandon.

The use of champagne not only represents the fun life that the artist is enjoying but also their ability to afford such a lifestyle. This causes the audience to aspire to enjoy a similar lifestyle.

A rather simple example of a music video that used champagne in its production is the song “Pop Champagne” by Jim Jones and Ron Browz.The music video shows life as a fun party where there’s no tomorrow!

There are many more props used in music videos, depending on the author’s style and song. Props such as the ones mentioned add life and relatability to a creative Hip-Hop video.